The Future of Work: LinkedIn

Ever wonder how to perfect your LinkedIn profile so that it works to your professional advantage? I must admit, LinkedIn used to be a mystery to me – but since meeting with a top exec to get the inside scoop, I am eager to share the Top 10 Secrets I learned.

A Virtual Dinner with Brian

For years I have received requests to have dinner with people who want to become a speaker and coach about ‘how to get started.’ I wish I could have dinner with everyone, but don’t always have the time, so I made this product to teach you everything I would have told you during our meal, and packaged it into a 10 step guide to getting started today.

It’s Your Hour: Online Training Course

5 billion new people are coming online in the next 5 years, and they are looking for people like you to share your expertise and learnings. This 4 week online video training course provides step by step training on how to be paid well teaching what you already know and love.

More Revenue Streams, More Freedom: Webinar

This 60 minute webinar will give the 4 basic essentials to start your own online business or create additional sources of income, TODAY. This 4 part methodology helped Brian go from broke to making over 6 figures in less than a year. Brian’s clients have used these exact steps to create 8 figure businesses. How much money are you leaving on the table? How many people could you be serving? This webinar will help you get the boost you need for the financial abundance and lifestyle freedom you deserve.

Mastering Public Speaking in 60 Minutes: Paperback & eBook

The only thing people fear more than public speaking is death. For a number of reasons, people do not like to present publicly. ‘It’s Your Hour: Mastering Public Speaking in 60 Minutes,’ walks you through a simple 8 part framework to become an unforgettable presenter. This quick and practical read focuses on the psychological, technical, and creative process of mastering public speaking. Whether you audience is thousands, hundreds, or just a few, this book will help you create and deliver a message that moves.

Mastering Self Promotion: Video Series

Can you believe that the number one reason people are passed over for a job or denied funding from investors is because they could not properly “sell” themselves or their ideas? Talking about yourself is key to success in landing a funding or a new role, yet so many people find it difficult. Brian has used the methods in this video series to help people land their dream jobs and entrepreneurs to raise $40 million in just 3 years!