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Ways we can work together

Brian’s individual and group coaching practice helps his clients tell their story in the most concise and compelling way possible. Brian is a messaging expert uniquely talented at helping his clients answer the question, “What do you do?,” or “What do you want to do?” Brian helps you showcase your talents by synthesizing years of valuable life and professional experiences into a 30- to 60-second pitch to set yourself apart in a saturated market. As an experienced speechwriter, Brian also coaches executives, employees, and entrepreneurs in crafting and delivering their most compelling public speaking content. Please read below for a list of service descriptions.

Pitch Development and Delivery


  • Customized exercises to identify your personal and professional gifts, strengths, and talents
  • Develop and perfect your 30- to-60-second pitch showcasing these skills as related to your current or future project, service, or product
  • Networking tips and strategies to utilize these skills for job searching, project development, and pitching to investors and VCs
  • Personally accompanying you to social events, networking events, and meetups to facilitate conversation and provide oral and written feedback on your progress during and post-event

Speech Writing & Public Speaking


  • Preparation of talking points and remarks for public speaking events or panels re: entrepreneurship, law, politics, tech, or policy
  • Delivery techniques and content development for memorable internal and external presentations
  • Researching your event’s audience to properly tailor your message
  • Story direction for your film/documentary or other media-related projects
  • Drafting assistance and laser-focus topical edits on your cover letter and admission essay to graduate school/PhD programs

Create Multiple Streams of Income


  • Identify what you are uniquely qualified to teach
  • Build your online presence
  • Create one product based on that expertise
  • Convert your first product into multiple products
  • Learn how to think bigger and generate constant ideas for new revenue streams


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