Caught In The Storm Of War: Memoirs Of A War Reporter

28 Aug Caught In The Storm Of War: Memoirs Of A War Reporter

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“While we were frozen on the road the paramilitaries took up positions and returned fire. The fighting had begun again, and Franco the cameraman and I were right in the middle.  It was half an hour before there was silence again. As soon as it seemed safe, Franco and I ran to where the Jeep was parked next to the road. I couldn’t start the car at first, my hands were shaking so badly. I tried to start it quickly, turning the key many times and pressing down on the gas rapidly, but the car wouldn’t respond. After what felt like an eternity, however, the engine roared to life and we drove off at full speed.

I was breathing heavily, my heart was beating hard and fast. Franco had the camera in his hand and kept shooting as we made our escape. We heard the impact of the bullets beating against the car as we drove. They were shooting, and in those moments, we were the target. Somehow, we managed to get away.”

This excerpt from Amazon best seller Caught in the Storm of War: Memoirs of a War Reporter sounds like a scene from a Hollywood screenplay, except it really happened. It’s one of the many experiences that Adriana Aristizabal, a young female and former TV war reporter from Colombia, had to face in the late 90’s when she was covering the war against terrorism, from the trenches of the Colombian jungle.

Only 26, Adriana, a single mother, and journalist was assigned by RCN Newscast to broadcast live shoots from the frontlines, sometimes with the bullets flying around her, at height of the conflict between FARC, ELN, Paramilitaries and the Colombian Army. During the seven years Adriana spends educating the citizens about the war, she faced death threats from the toughest murderers of the oldest guerrilla group in the world. Fortunately, Adriana Aristizabal survived but sadly many of her colleagues didn’t have the luck to survive.

After some classified information was leaked, Adriana lost her sources of information and left her country for a job in New York with the Colombian Consulate. Now, 13 years later and for the first time, this brave female journalist from South America, has finally opened her notebooks to reveal the modern history of Colombia’s warfare. You can read Adriana’s exciting story in her new book Caught in the Storm of War: Memoirs of a War Reporter, published by York House Press.

After an hour meeting at Manhattan’s Eataly, I knew I was with a special woman, a powerful leader, but most of all, a brave soul. She opened that soul for all of us to see, so we can connect with her struggle, or maybe the wars in our own head.

Adriana shows us that while difficult moments can transform you, they do not have to define your life.

No matter how much darkness enters, you can shine a light.

Your light.

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