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Brian Rashid is an international speaker, high performance trainer, and business strategy coach.  Featured as a TED speaker, Brian is the creator of the globally delivered speech, “It’s Your Hour,” and founder of the live seminar, “Midwest to the Moon.” Brian has worked with top companies like Facebook, Intel, Discover, Jawbone and others to help them innovate, clarify, and share their message in new ways. His speeches, training workshops and coaching services have helped top executives, entertainers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and students to become master storytellers, public speakers, and peak performers. His business strategy methods create frameworks to be paid well doing what you love.  Brian’s “pitch” methodologies have helped his entrepreneurial clientele raise close to $20 million dollars in the last 2 years. Learn more here



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"Inspiration should be transformational. Storytelling is an art. Brian’s ability to connect with his audience by vividly sharing his past experiences invokes both empathy and revelation, allowing a rare true internalization of his message. Planting the seeds of transformation is Brian’s art, his craft, and his gift” -Thomas Martin, Linkedin

Thomas MartinLinkedin

“Brian has forever changed my life. Through his words, I learned how to take my story, my voice and my convictions and share with the world in unprecedented ways.” -Mary Millben, Featured Soloist to President Obama

"Very few people in this world can make you laugh until your ribs hurt, and at the same time give you goosebumps from emotions. Brian is one of those people. We all have something to learn from Brian’s sincere and impactful storytelling." -Martha Edith Hernandez, Director, UC Berkeley Lester Center for Entrepreneurship

"I saw Brian speak in New York City and was blown away by his inspiring message.  He completely captivated his audience through his call for us to understand and  appreciate the countless blessings we’ve been given. This talk represents his sincerity and his deep commitment to helping us achieve a more loving and fulfilling existence." -Fred Rooney, Director, of International Justice Center, Touro Law School



with Brian Rashid

Teaching you how to talk about you

Is talking about yourself, your ideas, and business projects difficult for you? Can you believe that the number one reason people are passed over on the jobs they interview for or denied funding from investors is because they could not properly “sell” themselves or ideas? This is a real problem, especially because for employees looking for jobs, and entrepreneurs trying to raise money, talking about yourself is key to your success landing a new role or investment funding. For a number of reasons, we, as humans, strongly dislike talking about ourselves. Not to worry! The exact methodologies that I have used to help my entrepreneurial clients raise $20 million in 2 years, and helped 75% of my clients land their dream jobs are available for you in this FREE video series. You can overcome your fear and discomfort as you pitch yourself into the job or profession you want and deserve.



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