Meet Brian

Brian is a TEDx speaker and Forbes Contributor. He is the creator of “It’s Your Hour.” This globally delivered speech and training shows people how to create multiple sources of income teaching what you love, become master storytellers, and unforgettable public speakers. LEARN MORE

What People are Saying

"Inspiration should be transformational. Storytelling is an art. Brian’s ability to connect with his audience by vividly sharing his past experiences invokes both empathy and revelation, allowing a rare true internalization of his message. Planting the seeds of transformation is Brian’s art, his craft, and his gift”

- Thomas Martin

“Brian has forever changed my life. Through his words, I learned how to take my story, my voice and my convictions and share with the world in unprecedented ways.”

- Mary Millben
Featured Soloist to President Obama

"Very few people in this world can make you laugh until your ribs hurt, and at the same time give you goosebumps from emotions. Brian is one of those people. We all have something to learn from Brian’s sincere and impactful storytelling."

- Martha Edith Hernandez
Director, UC Berkeley Lester Center for Entrepreneurship

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